Capture the memories

Capture the memories


About the book

My Life inscribed

My Life Inscribed is an easy-to-follow guidebook that walks you and a loved one through a series of questions written specifically to draw out great stories and words of wisdom. 

how to use the book

The book is designed to allow you and a loved one to sit down and take an illustrative walk through their life in a chronological order, from birth to the present day.

The book can also be used to document your own life story by following the question prompts on your own. 

book details

My Life Inscribed includes over 130 story-inspiring questions about family, holidays, childhood, career, marriage, children, spirituality, and more. 

Space is provided for answers and to attach photos, recipe cards or other memorabilia. 

Sample questions from My Life Inscribed include:

What Big world event do you remember from your childhood and how did it affect you?

What was the most memorable gift you received as a child and why was it so special?

Tell me about the most rebellious thing you remember doing as a teenager. Did you get caught? If so, what was your punishment?


This book is for you if:

Your kids have ever asked for stories about a grandparent's childhood only to realize you don't know many.

You've printed interview questions off the internet only to find them too factual to evoke any personal stories. 

You work in the senior living or healthcare industry and are looking for a new way to engage your residents and clients. 

You've tried to ask your parents about their childhood and found that without clear questions, it was difficult for them to recall.

You would like to capture your own stories and advice to pass down to future generations.

You are looking for a unique gift item for a loved one or a customer. 

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